Helping Your Business Grow and Prosper

Every business is different, and sometimes business owners run into legal issues or concerns they cannot handle alone. Petry Law Firm, PLLC is here to partner with you in an effort to resolve those issues from a thoughtful, tactical mindset.

As a CPA, attorney Lucy Petry is particularly well-positioned to create entities like LLCs, corporations, and partnerships for her clients. We can help you choose the right entity for your business from a legal standpoint while taking the tax implications into account. We also have experience with the incorporation of not-for-profit companies.

Have a business concern that you don’t know how to classify? Feel free to reach out to us about it, because we often handle complex, unusual, or unique cases that require the combined experience of a CPA and tax lawyer. Some examples from past clients include:

  • Evaluating and restoring a corporation’s tax situation for a client who was in the process of buying said corporation.
  • Helping a victim of identity fraud restore status with the DOE and retrieve missed tax refunds from the IRS.
  • Filing paperwork to close out a company.
  • Consulting for a law firm by managing their financial services, including supervising a bookkeeper, payroll, bank accounts, and taxes.
  • Helping a business owner close a partnership and protect assets after the other partner walked away.
  • Guiding a pastor through the process of preserving church assets in the event of a takeover.

As you can see, not every business law issue can be neatly categorized. That’s why we focus on helping you, the client, and work closely with you to address your specific concerns. Contact Petry Law Office, PLLC to book an appointment with our dedicated attorney.