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No two legal cases are alike — that’s something attorney Lucy Petry knows from experience after several years of work as a CPA and a lawyer. Whether you need help with a straightforward tax return or a complex business matter, her combined skills allow her to analyze the unique characteristics of your case and plan a strategy for success. You can count on her expertise and her patient, empathetic approach to accomplish your tax or business law goals.

Although our office is located in Houston, Texas, we serve individuals, businesses, and attorneys throughout the United States and abroad. Contact our law firm to speak with a tax lawyer who dedicates her practice to clients like you.

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9 Mistakes to Avoid if You Are Facing an IRS Tax Audit

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Latest Blog

Navigating an IRS Audit as an Attorney: Your Essential Roadmap

Navigating an IRS Audit as an Attorney: Your Essential Roadmap

Facing an IRS audit as an attorney can be daunting but fear not! Understanding the IRS Audit Technique Guide (ATG) is your secret weapon in navigating these waters. The IRS usesLearn More
Demystifying the Corporate Transparency Act: A Step Towards Enhanced Accountability

Demystifying the Corporate Transparency Act: A Step Towards Enhanced Accountability

Introduction In an era where transparency and accountability are paramount, the United States government has taken a significant stride by enacting the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA). Signed into law inLearn More



As a CPA, attorney Lucy Petry has unique insight into the United States tax system. Petry Law Firm, PLLC, helps individuals, businesses, and lawyers navigate the complex world of tax law from a strong foundation of experience and knowledge.

Business Business

Every business is different, and sometimes business owners run into legal issues or concerns they cannot handle alone. Petry Law Firm, PLLC is here to partner with you in an effort to resolve those issues from a thoughtful, tactical mindset.

Consulting Consulting

At Petry Law Firm, PLLC, we are dedicated to excellence when collaborating with businesses, individuals and other attorneys. Our vast experience provides our clients with insight and knowledge that will serve their needs wholly and efficiently.



Ms. Petry has prepared my federal income taxes and advised me on all things tax-related for more than ten years. She is very knowledgeable, she’s reliable and she’s a pleasure to deal with; after all, you shouldn’t dread speaking with a tax adviser. Most importantly, Ms. Petry has helped me save money on my federal taxes and given me peace of mind. I strongly recommend her to all.
Matthew Metcalf
Lucy has been my CPA for 7 years. She is smart, ethical and truly cares for the best interest of her clients. She is thorough and her response time is quick. She is a true delight to work with and I highly recommend her services.
Sarah Bolton
Lucy was recommended and stepped in to solve a probate tax issue I was having with my late husband’s company. She has a great personality, smart, strategic, and patient. My problem with the company was resolved, and my plan to file taxes was set up and finalized. She made great suggestions on what to do with my future and always returns my phone calls with a promising attitude, always!
Robin Kleinpeter
I hired Lucy Petry to help me to file a “last tax return” for a family member who passed away. Ms. Petry was very helpful and considerate; she worked with my schedule, completed everything in a timely manner and did so with reasonable pricing.
Elizabella Edwards-Lindeburg
Our taxes have been complicated (to us) so my wife and I went to Lucy. I knew Lucy in law school and knew she was a cpa. Well she got our taxes done quickly and Lucy was always readily available. I fully trust Lucy for all of my tax needs and concerns.
Andrew Birdsell
I have known Ms. Lucy Petry professionally for over 10 years. During this time she has been the VITA site coordinator at M.D. Anderson YMCA. The professional, integrity, and ethical interaction with clients has created a trusting and lasting relationship.
D.K. Knight
Lucy Petry is an excellent lawyer. She has helped set up two different corporate entities for me and my business partner, as well as advised us on tax consequences as well. It is rare to find a lawyer who can effectively do both.  I’ve recommended her to clients of my own and they have been impressed.   She walked us through every step and carefully answered all of our questions. We never felt rushed! She was very attentive to our case and we never had a problem staying in contact with her. I would highly recommend her!
Raiysa Reece
I have lots of questions regarding simple to complicated tax filings. Lucy is my go-to for clear and concise answers. It’s nice to know if I have problems I have an attorney/CPA to help solve tax complications. It’s even better to know working with her I don’t have to worry about having those tax and law problems in the first place.
Jeff Gulitus
Luciana C. Petry played a pivotal point in my case. I was a victim of a scam and Luciana was a partner of the firm I was seeking help from. She exercised her knowledge of taxes and was able to help me retrieve back a majority of my losses. She is very caring, always took time out to be personable and always made me feel at ease when I visited.  Being that they are a small firm, I would be honored to recommend and commend Luciana C. Petry for being that Unicorn in her profession.
Kay Pham
Attorney Lucy Petry handled my tax issue flawlessly, and gave me peace of mind with the IRS. Every client knows, Petry Law Firm is the best.
Burt Johnson
This firm has helped me change my tax structure to S-corp. They have been really patient and have helped me understand what I am doing and how to do it right. I switched to Petry after my prior attorney just wasn’t answering my questions about how to set-up the S-corp beyond filing the IRS paperwork. My experience at the Petry Firm has been completely different. They’re knowledgeable, professional, and responsive.
Jennifer Scarborough
I am a Former IRS Agent and a teaching instructor with IRS. I have over 40 years of professional tax experience and there is only 1 person I refer my legal work to and that is Lucy Petry. She is both a CPA and a tax attorney and her skills is far beyond anyone I have ever met in her field.She is very friendly and has such a deep care for all her clients. Everyone loves her. Her results have been amazing and tells the client the truth about their situation. She is very, very affordable. I give Lucy a 6 star rating because she is above and beyond. More importantly she is ALWAYS available to her clients. Lucy, thank you for helping my clients, you are the best !!!
Michael Sullivan
Lucy Petry is a top notch Houston Tax Attorney that can solve any IRS Problem nationwide. She has a team of Former IRS agents, CPAs that will provide excellent team help as the situation may arise. Do not hesitate to contact Lucy and her team for IRS resolution, tax returns and other services.
Joe Hopkins
Lucy and her associates are highly respected tax practitioners in the Houston Community and are my go to for all of my personal financial and tax goals! I am also a Tax Attorney and she is thorough, methodical, practical and sharp and carefully balances my legal ambition with the reality of the accounting and tax forms. She knows the reality of law meeting the real world. I was especially impressed by her dedication to her clients as well as the level of community involvement by her in establishing the VITA program a tax assistance program for Low-income clients. I have seen firsthand that amongst numerous legal groups, we all say the same thing… Lucy Petry is your go to for any financial accounting or tax issue. Hands down.
Jonathan Shakarisaz
Lucy has been a great asset both personally and professionally. Not only does she handle my taxes, but husband’s as well. When able, I refer clients and friends to Lucy for their CPA and tax attorney needs. You cannot go wrong with Lucy and James. You’ll get your money’s worth and more.
Jana Breaux
Always a great experience working with Petry law firm. Professional and reliable experience. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable. I only recommend her for all your yearly and complex tax returns. I feel so relaxed and proud working with the person who not only is respected in Houston but also among the IRS department.
Hadia B
Luciana Petry is fantastic! She is the most responsive attorney I know, and she is the most skilled attorney I know. She is great with clients and even better with tax work. She is highly professional and great to work with!
Nadine Alkiswany
Lucy and her staff managed my complicated file like the professionals they are – my conversion from a simple DBA to a PLLC was seamless and their preparation and filing of financial reports and taxes are on time and accurate. I have recommended this firm to many legal professionals and highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for top-notch skill and service. FIVE STARS!
Susan Soto
Lucy helped me to establish my very first company and it couldn’t have been smoother. She is very communicative and understood my needs very well as I am a foreign entrepreneur. I’m so glad I found her, I highly recommend her and her team!
Aysen Fehime Dogan
Great attorney! Was able to resolve my tax questions. Highly recommend!!!!
Matthew Laskovics
Always willing to help and are very responsive. These people are amazing!
Stacy Welch
Lucy was on top of the situation when dealing with I.R.S. She quickly formulated a strategy and worked out the issues with I.R.S. for us.
Protec Maternity
Amazing tax attorney!
Iris Onassis
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